School Years

Plymouth-Canton High Schools

The worst thing about these three schools is that there not separate there like one big school detached. And all the students go to all the schools there's over 1500 kids that go here. Not to mention that you have to walk from school to school no matter what kind of weather it is. If its pouring rain, oh you just have to suffer being wet and in the winter it is the worst, if it snows it doesn't  matter you better bundle up or you'll be sorry! When I started high school my grades were okay, then they began to drop, and finally this year all A's and B's. See my progress...


9th grade Averages 10th grade Averages
Math:    A Science:    D
Social Studies:    C Literature:    A
Math:    D Science:    C
Social Studies:    D Literature:    C
11th grade Averages 12th grade Averages
Math:    B Science:    C+
Social Studies:    C Literature:    B
Math:    A Science:    A
Social Studies:    A Literature:     A

Stephanie Johnston
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